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Untitled - Jeff Novick (USA)
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Schedule of Daily Lith Prints

This page presents a selection of just some the rich and varied imagery by the artists featured in The World of Lith Printing. Be sure to revisit this page to see a new image each day!

Mon 5th March, 2018 Alfred Saerchinger (Germany) - printed by Wolfgang Moersch
Tue 6th March, 2018 Horst Wiedemann (Germany) - printed by Wolfgang Moersch
Wed 7th March, 2018 Werner Breuhahn (Germany) - printed by Wolfgang Moersch
Thu 8th March, 2018 Tim Rudman (UK)
Fri 9th March, 2018 Dan Goldberg (USA) - printed by Alexis Neel
Sat 10th March, 2018 Debrah McClinton (USA) - printed by Alexis Neel
Sun 11th March, 2018 John Casado (USA) - printed by Alexis Neel
Mon 12th March, 2018 Kathy Harcom (UK)
"The Gateway"
Tue 13th March, 2018 Susan Geen (UK)
Wed 14th March, 2018 Sandro Boege (Germany)
Thu 15th March, 2018 Jordan Douglas (USA)
"Memory 1"
Fri 16th March, 2018 Marian Lohr (Germany)
Sat 17th March, 2018 Jeff Novick (USA)
Sun 18th March, 2018 Anastasia Medvedeva (Russia)
Mon 19th March, 2018 Anneli Lundberg (Sweden)
"Autumn Colours"
Tue 20th March, 2018 Patrik Budenz (Germany)
"Karluv Most"
Wed 21st March, 2018 John Bolgiano Jr (USA)
"Bodyscape Lightpaint"
Thu 22nd March, 2018 Arthur Suilin (Russia)
Fri 23rd March, 2018 Tim Rudman (UK)
Sat 24th March, 2018 Loris Medici (Turkey)
Sun 25th March, 2018 Sally Kim-Miller (USA)
"Window Blouse"
Mon 26th March, 2018 Richard Clegg (UK)
"Curled Leaf"
Tue 27th March, 2018 Marion Davies (UK)
"Shalcehet, The Fallen Leaves, Jewish Museum, Berlin"
Wed 28th March, 2018 B A Bosaiya (USA)
"La resa dei conti"
Thu 29th March, 2018 Richard Reed (Germany)
Fri 30th March, 2018 Robert J Vizzini (USA)
"Late Morning Light 1, Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes, Death Valley"
Sat 31st March, 2018 Philip Hunter (UK)
"Casa Batllo 5BB"
Sun 1st April, 2018 Roger Ryton (UK)
Mon 2nd April, 2018 Vicki Reed (USA)
"Benches, San Juan"
Tue 3rd April, 2018 Mark Snowdon (UK)
"Aaminah no. 2"
Wed 4th April, 2018 Ellie Kingsbury (USA)
"Blue Orchid"
Thu 5th April, 2018 Ronnie Bennett (UK)
"Ermias Kiflyesus 3"
Fri 6th April, 2018 Peter Svensson (USA)
"Medusa on the ferry"
Sat 7th April, 2018 Roberto Schirdewahn (Germany)
Sun 8th April, 2018 Linda Treash (USA)
"George French Pluck" (Lith Cyanotype)
Mon 9th April, 2018 Tim Rudman (UK)
Tue 10th April, 2018 Cece Wheeler (USA)
Wed 11th April, 2018 Christian Miller (USA)
"Gulf of Maine. Washington County Maine"
Thu 12th April, 2018 Eddie Ephraums (UK)
Fri 13th April, 2018 Guy Glorieux (Canada)
"Old Montréal – Silo No. 5 #1"
Sat 14th April, 2018 Jackie Ranken (New Zealand)
"Single Tree"
Sun 15th April, 2018 Margaret Ball (UK)
Mon 16th April, 2018 Skip Smith (USA)
Tue 17th April, 2018 Stuart Redler (UK)
"Tent 2"
Wed 18th April, 2018 Wolfgang Moersch (Germany)
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